Vacate Release Form

  1. As of the end of the current term (ending date), Occupant gives and releases to and Owner accepts possession of the premises which are the subject of a certain Occupancy Agreement dated below by and between Owner and Occupant. Occupant represents to Owner that he/she has done nothing, which would give anyone a valid claim against the subject premises.

    Occupant further represents that he/she has faithfully complied with all t he terms and conditions of the Occupancy Agreement above and has not breached a material term or condition thereof, including the payment of all charges for which he/she is obligated under the terms of this Agreement.

    After the Initial Term, the occupancy period will continue on a month to month basis until one of the parties shall give the other party at least ten (10) days prior written notice before the end of the current month of their intention to terminate the Agreement, or Owner offers an extension of the Agreement. Failure to provide the required ten (10) days written notice shall result in the Agreement continuing until the end of the next full month after the notice was received.  If the term of occupancy begins after the first (1st) of the month, then the term of occupancy automatically renews thereafter in increments of one full month beginning with the next calendar month.

    When Occupant(s) intends to terminate this Agreement and vacate the space, Occupant(s) agrees to provide Owner with a written Vacate Release Form included in the initial lease package, which, upon submission to Owner, shall serve as written notice of termination of the occupancy of the Unit under this Agreement, releasing the space back to the possession of Owner in accordance with this Agreement, provided Occupant(s) has complied with all obligations under this Agreement. 

    Upon execution of this Vacate Release Form and the subsequent surrender of the premises to the Owner, Owner releases Occupant and Occupant releases Owner from all obligations of said Occupancy Agreement. If Occupant fails to execute this Vacate Release Form or to surrender premises to Owner in good condition the date due, THEN THIS GENERAL RELEASE IS NULL AND VOID.

    REMOVAL OF TRASH All of Occupant’s trash, refuse, garbage, etc. shall be removed from the space at Occupant’s expense. Owner has made arrangements with local trash disposal company to provide Occupant’s service.

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